The Caledonia idea started out in the year 1996 at Florida State University with an essay on 'Innovative Sports Equipment' and an insight that is trivial on the one hand and logical on the other: whereas even a professional golfer uses the driver on average fewer than 11 times per round, the putter - depending on handicap - is used between 28 times (pro) and 40 times (HCP 30). That means: even if most golfers are hunting for longer drives, the real key to success is on the greens, making the putter the most important club in a golfer's bag.


This 'historical' background should be enough for the moment, so we turn our eyes to the Caledonia of the present: filigree sporting equipment – not off the shelf – rather geared to the individual playing needs of each individual golfer is our inspiration. With our innovative 'Hosel Insert Technology', a unique portfolio of putter versions manufactured with great attention to detail has matured over the years. Ultimately, substantiated know-how in putter construction, leading edge technology in the pool of machinery and rich diversity in the individual composition make each Caledonia putter into an incomparable, attractive and unique specimen.

From the outset, the core of our philosophy involved 'maximum' playability of our products: classical shapes bundled with select raw materials and innovative fitting options that differ from conventional equipment not merely by a few nuances and find equal recognition among qualified pros and ambitious amateurs.

The greatest challenge was and is to develop a series of putters that uses unique technology and unmistakeable design to qualify for the best possible playability.
Our success proves we are right: it is no coincidence that our revolutionary fitting technologies are referred to by experienced pros as trendsetting. Select materials in a co-ordinated production process join together to make Caledonia putters into top-class golfing equipment.